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If your small business has been operating profitably with steady performance for some time, like most SME owners you might be looking at expansion.

Expanding your business and scaling it for further growth is the dream of most entrepreneurs but it can also be a very stressful and tedious …

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customer segmentation


Treating everyone equally is a noble act but in a purely commercial setting, treating every customer equally does not make good business sense.

Marketing resources are scarce and it doesn’t make sense if you set aside the same amount for every customer.  Would you allocate money for both ventures …

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cash flow management


It is rational to rely on figures and metrics when making a cash flow decision.  To leave it all to gut feel won’t work.  Yet, there are business owners who keep their fingers crossed and simply hope for the best.  Anyway, the business seems to be doing fine and …

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Cash transactions might one day become a relic of the past.  Many consumers nowadays prefer making purchases through credit cards, checks, and other non-cash modes because of the convenience they offer. Having your customer’s payments crediting reflected directly in your company’s accounts also helps during SME loan applications.

Banks’ …

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The need to upgrade facilities or improve business processes are some of the major decisions that may eventually fall on your lap in the course of running your own business.  But once you’re convinced that an upgrade (facilities, equipment, or technological) could improve your production or offer significant savings, …

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Banks are lending institutions but are run by people who value bank-client relations.  Find out why pursuing this “relationship goals” is a boon to your business.

Many years back, banks leaned heavily on your bottom line figures, long-term viability, credit rating, and other quantifiable measures when evaluating your small …

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