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Linkflow Capital Pte Ltd is incorporated in 2012 as a SME loan consultancy firm providing business loan advisory services to Singapore SMEs.

Our core interest lies in supporting the growth of our SMEs. Small and medium enterprises make up 99% of all corporate entities in Singapore and employ more than 50% of our workforce. SMEs are a critical part of our economy and we take great satisfaction in value adding to our SME clients’ growth.

We build collaborative relationships with SMEs and know what business owners need. We totally understand that running a business with limited resources is extremely challenging. We cut the fluff and only provide pragmatic, workable solutions to our clients’ business needs.

"In all engagements with our clients, we consistently strive to craft out a suite of practical and appropriate financing solutions customized specifically to your business's needs."

All companies are different and face a different set of business challenges. We understand this intimately and always target to deliver long term sustainable growth in revenue and profitability for our clients.

Our belief in constantly creating value is ingrained in our all processes. We add value to our clients with our deep domain knowledge and experience in areas of business financing, cash flow management and government supported finance schemes.

We practice integrity and reliability, while working hard to understand our clients and the respective industries they are operating in. Over the years, we’ve been exposed to a wide multitude of industries through the course of our work.

Breakdown of the industries we have served:

Industries Segments served

As thought leaders in the SME financing space

we’ve presented to delegates from China’s Suzhou Industrial Park, at the invitation of the Civil Service College.


We’ve also been invited to speak about SME financing in local finance radio station, MoneyFM 89.3, to share our thoughts and opinion on the state of SME financing.

Listen The Podcast Here

As specialists in SME loan and business financing, we are at the same time generalists in the SME space due to the wide exposure and experience we inadvertently gained throughout the years. As such, our consultants have a broad based overview of most industries’ business nature and the respective challenges each industry faces.

We also regularly publish industry insights on SME finance and useful information for SME owners in our blog.

Through our articles and consultancy work, we are working hard to bridge the gap between SMEs and banks. We want to ensure that every one of our client has access to transparent, reliable and unbiased information on their business financing options, so as to make well informed financing decisions for their businesses.


Adopting a consultative approach in our client engagement process, we will first seek to understand your specific requirement and current situation. We then propose a suite of financing solutions customized to your circumstances that best fits the overall solution.

To provide SMEs with transparent information in the often unwieldy and jargon laden business banking finance sector, we also provide a free online business loan assessment tool for SMEs. It allows business owners to compare SME loans in 1 minute and see all available loan options instantly.

With clear and transparent information, SMEs have access to more options and are empowered to make better financing decisions.


We don’t just pay lip service and only focus what really matters:


You will not get glittery salesmanship from us nor solutions that are not for your best benefit. We specialize only in performance, with a razor sharp focus and relentless desire to provide results for our clients.

Allow us the opportunity to be of service and find out how we can provide you with the vital link in delivering sustainable solutions to your business’s profitability and cash flow. Contact us and find out how we can be of value to your business.

Since incorporation in 2012, we’ve assisted hundreds of SMEs just like yours secure financing to fuel their expansion plans and to tide over challenging times. Come rain or shine, we’re a constant supporting presence to our valued clients. Experience service excellence coupled with some of the best minds in the business.

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