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SME loans in Singapore are offered by about 20+ banks & financial institutions?

Credit criteria and business loan interest rate are different for all banks. It is frustrating and time consuming for you to compare all banks SME loan products.

Now, you can compare all SME loans easily in 1 minute! Use our free online loan assessment to compare all business loans your company is eligible for. Saves you time and ensure you get the best financing offers.

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SME loan criteria requirements

  • Minimum annual revenue at least $200K per year
  • Operational business incorporated for at least 6 months (preferably 1 year)
  • Minimum 30% shareholdings local or PR

What You Get

Lower Interest Costs

Potentially save 30%-50% or close to $10K+ on interest costs. Obtain unsecured business loans at interest from as low as 3.3% p.a. simple rate.

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Higher Approval Rate

Improve your approval chances. We are familiar with the credit criteria of most banks with solid track record of > 60% approval rate for SME loan applications.

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Secure Funding Faster

We help your company secure financing fast! Reduce SME loan application processing time by 3-5 working days.

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Hassle Free Approach

Leave the tedious business loan application process to our specialists while you focus resources on your core business.

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Higher Finance Amount

Secure larger financing & higher loan
amount. Procure up to $1M or more
unsecured SME loans.

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Risk Free Process

No upfront fees, no fees applicable if we’re not able to secure financing for your company. Performance guarantee, pay only for results!

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We are very satisfied with the service and capability of Linkflow Capital in assisting with our company’s expansion. They have provided us clear financing solutions with fast response and turnaround time.

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Trusted advisor 

Linkflow Capital has assisted our company with trade financing, enabling a 300% revenue growth in 2 years. They are our trusted advisor and served us with efficiency and honesty over the years.

Mr S.S. Lee
Powerzone Technologies Pte Ltd

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Sincere customer service

Linkflow Capital has helped us identify facilities suitable for our company’s growth. The consultant is sincere, efficient and provided prompt follow up service.

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SME Loan Resources

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Government financing scheme with up to $300K for working capital.

SME Micro Loan

Government financing scheme, up to $100K for daily operations & cashflow.

Business Loan Interest Rate Calculator

Find out current interest rates for various loan products. Use loan calculator to see installment & interest.

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SME Loan Singapore FAQs

The maximum small business loan funding amount differs various banks and also depends on your company profile (revenue, industry, cash flow etc.).

Most banks’ maximum financing amount granted to SMEs range between $300K to $500K. However, it is exceedingly hard to secure the maximum amount unless the company has close to perfect credit profile.

As your company expands, bigger projects might require more working capital loan support. Some companies’ subsequent loan applications to existing bankers might be rejected due to the maximum limits imposed.

It might be prudent to spread the risk and establish credit relationships with more banks should there be potential opportunities of growth that requires additional funding.

Tapping into our extensive network of banks and financial institutions, we are able to help connect your company to suitable banks and commercial loan products.

The typical turnaround time for SME loan applications is 2 to 4 weeks.

The turnaround time takes this long because

  1. You may not be familiar with the documents required and the application process.
  2. You may have more back-and-forth communication with the banker to get the financing application right.

If you’re in a situation where you need funds urgently, we can shorten the turnaround time typically by 1-5 days with our familiarity on the documentations and information different banks require.

Most SME loan applications can be rejected due to multiple reasons, such as

  1. Approaching the wrong banks
  2. Business owner’s personal credit profile
  3. Limits to financing for existing bankers
  4. Weak cash flow

Imagine this scenario: You require funds urgently. Perhaps, to confirm bidding for a tender or seize opportunity for a big project .

Yet, when your SME loan application is declined, you will either have to cancel or postpone this project. Your company’s expansion plan might be stalled due to the missed opportunity.

Moreover, when your application is declined, you might not be able to submit another application to the same bank for the next 6-12 months!

It is critical that you identify the right bank to seek financing with and to be able to address the bank’s credit concerns and queries adequately, to minimize rejections.

There are more than 20+ banks and financial institution providing SME loans. Their interest rate are different and varies according to factors such as credit grading of applicant and the loan quantum.

SME loan interest rate ranges between 3.6% to 7% p.a. (EIR 7%-13%).

You might not know which bank can offer you the lowest interest rate. What are the terms and interest rate your existing bankers are offering you? Are you certain that they are the most competitive?

Your network isn’t extensive enough such that you can keep up-to-date with the various SME loan products from all banks. Hence, losing out on the chance to save interest. We can help you compare all banks current SME loan interest rate to ensure you are getting the best financing deal available.

There are various working capital loan products available to meet the different requirements of SMEs

Common SME loan facilities include:

  • Unsecured business term loans
  • Trade financing (Letter of Credit/Trust Receipt)
  • Factoring
  • Receivables financing
  • Asset financing
  • Project based financing
  • SME Micro Loan
  • SME Working Capital loan

How do you cut through the complexity and technical jargon to determine the most appropriate working capital loan to utilize?

Through our expertise and experience in securing SME finance, we describe to you the various financing products in basic terms and explain how you can best utilize them for your business.

There are close to 20 banks & financial institutions (FIs) providing small business loan to SMEs.

There is no definite answer to this because different banks have varying credit criteria and risk appetite.

Do you know that some banks shun certain industries whereas other banks might welcome these same industries?

However, most SMEs are not aware which banks are suitable for their respective profile and could waste precious time speaking with banks that are not the right fit.

Aside from traditional mainstream banks, there are also multiple alternative financiers offering various financing options to SMEs.

Assisting SMEs with business financing remains our core business.

Due to our familiarity with the credit criteria of the various banks, we can help identify the most suitable banks for your company’s profile to ensure highest chances of commercial loan approval at the best terms.

If your personal credit rating is bad, your commercial loan application might be adversely affected.

When you apply for a SME loan in Singapore, your personal credit record will usually be assessed by the relevant banks. Your personal credit record will thus affect your company loan approval chances as well.

Your credit rating is tied to you, the director, and not your company.

Hence, even if you apply for financing for another company you own, your application might still be affected if your credit rating is low.

One common reason that causes your credit rating to plunge is that you apply to every bank you know. This is actually not advisable because if most of the banks you apply to reject your SME loan applications, your credit rating might drop further.

A SME finance specialist will be able to help identify which banks’ credit criteria are suitable for your company’s profile to maximize business loan application approval. This will also help protect your personal credit rating by minimizing the number of credit searches run by banks on your personal profile.

Yes you can but options are very limited for new start ups. Most banks do not provide start up business loan for newly registered companies.

Most banks lend on track record and would require at least 1 to 2 years of operational business history.

Even if you have a product or service with huge growth potential, it would still be a struggle to obtain bank financing during start up phase.

If your company is a new start-up still in the R&D phase with no attributed revenue yet, it is advisable that you source for equity financing or venture capitalists, rather than debt financing from banks.

A competent business financing consultant would be able to help new companies with at least 6-12 months of operational record seek out a small business loan. But do expect limited options and smaller funding amounts for a start.

about linkflow capital

About Linkflow Capital

Linkflow Capital Pte Ltd is a Singapore consultancy firm that assists SMEs to secure business loans from banks and financial institutions. We specialize in SME finance and through our expertise and network, we help clients secure funding with low interest rates efficiently and hassle free.


We are familiar with the documentations and information banks will require as well as various banks’ business loan credit criteria.


We have access to more than 20 banks and financial institutions offering SME loans in Singapore, with relationships cultivated over the years.