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SMEs have always faced challenges in attracting and retaining talents from the labor market. Unable to compete with larger companies with more resources whom can offer higher remuneration prestigious brand name, SME often lament about manpower challenges.

This situation might change however with the unabated rise of the gig …

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Do you have an existing business loan that is almost paid off?  When you have paid a substantial portion of your loan (say around 30 to 50 percent of the original loan amount), your banker might offer you an additional loan top up.

Amount of additional financing offered may …

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Trade financing is the lubricant oiling the engines of global trade. Trade financing in its simplest form is the activity where the exporter get paid (or is guaranteed a payment) for the goods before shipping it to the importer. However, the importer would also want some sort of assurance …

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SMEs also known as small and medium-sized businesses are businesses that are characterized by the number of their staff, which could range anywhere from 1 to 200. SMEs usually form the majority of most countries’ businesses and makes up 99% of Singapore’s companies.
SMEs have an edge over bigger

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Owners of a well-established business looking for financing usually apply for unsecured loans from banks and lending institutions.  Unsecured term loan is one of the most common form of facilities in business loan Singapore context.

When a business is in its infant stage with very not much track record, …

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To expand a business, the owner has to (willingly or unwillingly) make credit sales to allow customers pay at later stage after delivery of goods/services. Typical credit terms is 30 days or less commonly 60 days (or more).

Extending sales credit terms to local customers is quite the norm …

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