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Interest Rates

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Home Interest Rates

Interest rates for business loans vary from various banks and different products. These are the indicative range of interest rates:

  • Unsecured business term loan: Between 6%-13% p.a. (simple rate 3%-7% p.a.)
  • Trade financing line: 5%-8% p.a.
  • Unsecured overdraft: 10%-15% p.a.
  • Commercial /industrial property loan: 1.5%-5% p.a.
  • Equipment/machinery loan: 2%-8% p.a.
  • Factoring/receivables discounting: 7%-20% p.a.
  • Alternative financing/crowd-funding: 1%-5% per month

We can help your business source and secure the lowest rates across 20+ banks and financial institutions. Contact us now to find out the lowest interest rates available.

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