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When you apply for a working capital loan in Singapore, your personal credit record will usually be searched by the applicant banks. Your personal credit record will affect your commercial loan applications as well.

If your credit rating is low, your commercial loan application might be adversely affected.

Your credit

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Do you know there are close to 20 banks & financial institutions (FIs) providing small business loan to SMEs?

Do you know that some banks shun certain industries whereas other banks might welcome these same industries?

There is no definite answer to this because different banks have varying credit criteria

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There are various working capital loan products available to meet the different requirements of SMEs

Common small business loan facilities include:

  • term loans
  • trade financing (Letter of Credit/Trust Receipt)
  • factoring
  • receivables financing
  • asset financing
  • project based financing
  • SME Micro Loan
  • SME Working Capital loan

How do you cut through the

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Imagine this scenario: You require funds urgently. Perhaps, to finance a large-scale project.

Yet, when your SME loan application is disapproved, you will either have to cancel or postpone this project.

You might also lose an enormous amount of profits due to this missed opportunity.

Moreover, when your application is …

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The typical turnaround time for working capital loan applications for SMEs is 2 to 4 weeks.

The turnaround time takes this long because

  1. You may not be familiar with the documents required and the application process
  2. Thus, you may have more back-and-forth communication with the banker to get the
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Do you know that most banks have a limitation on the maximum financing amount that they can grant to a SME?

This maximum small business loan funding amount differs from bank to bank and also depends on your company profile (its revenue, industry, cash flow etc.).

As your company expands, …

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